Rob Labiento

Rob Labiento is the owner and head coach of L.I. Strength and Performance.Rob is a Hofstra University Alumni, completing his undergraduate work with a dual degree in Biology and Psychology, and pursued his graduate degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Rob has trained with some of the best minds in sports and nutrition across the country, and obtained multiple credentials and accolades along the way.  Rob has been a top trainer on Long Island focused on strength, power, and conditioning for nearly 15 years. He has trained athletes at every level of skill and competition from youth to collegiate,amateur to professional and national/world championship level.  In addition to organized athletic training, he has also trained and created work out programs for policemen, firefighters and across all branches of the armed forces.  Rob prides his work on creating safe, effective and proven programs that are custom tailored to an individuals needs - while they are preparing for a competition, those looking to increase their overall fitness level or reach any other personal fitness goals.

Sessions available 

The following are the types of sessions that we offer:

  • Private 
  • Semi-Private
  • Group Strength & Conditioning 
  • Group Conditioning